Photos for Home Insurance Carriers

Insurance carriers often ask for home photos during the underwriting process.

Photos for Home Insurance Carriers
Photos must be taken within the last 14 days, and cannot be taken from an online source (i.e. Zillow). Photos must be taken with a cellphone due to the built-in timestamp.

Below are the required photos for the California Fair Plan; however, we've found similar photos to be required by almost every carrier in the current market.

Required Photos

  • Front of Home Photo
    • Clear View: Ensure the photo clearly shows the front of the house.
    • Visible Address: If the house number isn't visible on the house, include a separate photo of the address with the home in the background.
  • Back of Home Photo
    • A clear, complete view of the back of the home.
  • Home Sides Photos
    • All sides of the house must be photographed to give a full perspective.
  • Roof Photo
    • The clearest photo of the roof possible, taken from the street view.

Other Photos

  • Other Structures:
    • Photos of separate structures like detached garages, barns, or gazebos are important.
  • High-Value Homes:
    • For larger or custom homes, around 8 to 10 photos from all angles,
      including any extra structures, are required.