Improving Insurance Eligibility for New Home Builds

16 design and safety items to review with your architect and contractor for your home.

Improving Insurance Eligibility for New Home Builds

If you're building or remodeling your home, we've put together a checklist of 16 things to improve the safety and insurability to review with your architect and contractor.

Whole-House Generator

The convenience of uninterrupted electricity during an outage goes hand in hand with the potential to decrease loss exposures from an insurance perspective.

Defensible Space

Vegetation contributes to the spread of wildfires. Carriers prefer a 5 to 10 foot range of space between any structure.

Windows & Doors

To mitigate wind and water losses, features like double-pane and impact rated glass or doors are favored by carriers.

Roof Shape

A roof shape, if not modified to be more resilient against wind and water, can often be a leading cause of insurance losses. Many carriers prefer a Hip Shape Roof as it is both aerodynamic and resilient.

Solid Wood Building Materials

Solid wood materials are more resilient against a fire than their composite counterparts.

Fireplace Clearance

Ensuring the adequate amount of space exists between the firebox within a fireplace and the surrounding combustible construction materials can help prevent a fire.

Automatic Seismic Shut-off Valve

Broken gas lines as a result of an earthquake commonly leads to fires, this feature cuts to flow of gas in the home avoiding major damage.

Central Fire Alarm with Heat Sensors

Permanently installed heat sensors and smoke detectors with the ability to communicate with first responders via cell/radio signals can decrease response time and amount of damage to the home.

Dry Sprinkler System

Only until the system detects a heightened heat level will it fill with water. Preventing a water discharge in error.

Tankless Water Heater

Energy efficient and durable, a tankless water heater does not store water avoiding it bursting and damaging the home.

Water & Gas Lines

Braided Stainless Steel water supply liens and Black Iron Gas Pipes are more reliable and durable.

Water Shut-Off Device

A system monitoring water pressure at all times can prevent damage by shutting off the flow of water. Immediate alerts via a Centrally Monitored System can further limit damage.

Secure Safe

A TL-15 or better solid steel safe built into a home’s structure can prevent burglars from removing it and the homeowners valuables.

Cameras & Lighting

Motion-sensor lighting and cameras serve as a great preventive measure from burglars damaging a home and stealing personal property.

Whole-House Surge Protector

With the amount of electronics in homes increasing a whole-house surge protector can prevent fires and damaged electronics by monitoring voltage.

Gated Perimeter

A locked or electronic gated/fenced perimeter serves as a deterrent for unauthorized intruders. Often vegetation is used to create a perimeter which does not aid in eliminating or slowing down unwanted entry to the home.